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Sordid and Sickly, the feeling of
  1:53 AM. The student stares into the LED, the
Grizzled drunk drives on in the
   Core of the Night, the child awakes
  Stirring alone in the dark of
Night's Nadir.
      The scholar reads his Eliot
  And writes his Yeats under the lamplight
In the core of the Night, the
  Eyes of the madman are bright and the
Eyes of the Cherub Cat are brighter.
The new convert tosses and turns in his bed, the
  Old Saint cries quiet in his bed in the
           Core of the Night; here, the
   Artist is finishing up a long night, the
Poet is awake and sordid and sickly
The feeling of night-- weighs heavily, it is weighing
   Here in the Core of the Night in the
Heart of the Night the Dark Bosom of the night, the
Heartbeat place, pulse place of drums in the night where
Talking is done with, the clock has sounded-- they
  Are all truly in the Dark now.
Hey look!

I wrote a poem!

Haven't don that in awhile.
"Eyes of the madman are bright and the
Eyes of the Cherub Cat are brighter." — haha, delightful.
JuliusScipio Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student Writer
I liked that line too! :D

I was thinking of Smart's "For I Will Consider My Cat Geoffrey" and it has this line about the "Cherub Cat" as this watchful, almost angelic guardian in the gloom who makes the rounds of the house to keep the forces of dark at bay. It's just comes back to me sometimes, that excerpt, and it'll float around in my head for a day or so.
LadyScipio Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this about last night when you text me while I was drawing skulls and watching Avatar?
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